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Creating Open Jobs

Creating Open Jobs

Opens source brand-able job boards & recruiting portals

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·Jul 31, 2021·

2 min read

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Project Goals

I want to slowly pick away at some of the challenges in the HR space I see for a lot of companies and people looking to share job listings and connect with recruiters/employers.

Functionality Goals

Users can

  • search jobs
  • submit resume to recruiting portal
  • sign up for email alerts for saved searches

Employers/Recruiters can

  • make a custom job board
  • search candidates
  • toggle other job sources on/off
  • allow paid/free 3rd party postings
  • sign up for email alerts for saved searches

Product Goals

I want to be able to support the following:

  • Accessibility: AODA/WCAG Level 2.0
  • Multilingual/localizable
  • Brand-able
    • Logo
    • Subdomain
    • Own domain
  • SEO friendly server side rendered
  • Compliance: SOC2, GDPR
  • API access available by default
  • SSO friendly
    • gsuite, azure
    • Oauth 2 connection
    • SAML connection

Implementation Choices

  • Multi-tenancy, logical separation, UUIDs
  • Single User, flexible roles & permissions
  • Sass

Decisions to make

  • responsive design by default?
  • Docker by default?
  • Tailwind css?
  • Testing strategy?
  • Graphql?

Why Rails?

Exploiting familiarity here, there are many known patterns to solve a lot of the above.

None of the goals so far are drastically impeded by rails/ruby.

Lets get to it

Starting another rails project. Documenting steps as I go.

Check ruby version rvm list and go with 2.7.3 for gem compatibility.

Update rubygems locally gem update --system

Update rails gem update rails

Start new project without minintest or coffeescript and with postgresql

rails new open-jobs -T -d postgresql --skip-coffee

Great thats a new empty project!

Will update as I go.

Repo here:

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